Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. I’m Pippa, a professional photographer living in the heart of beautiful West Sussex, in the village of West Chiltington. I’m married to a fabulous man, Ian, and am mum to a gorgeous and very strong willed bundle of joy, Poppy. Along with our rather mischievous chocolate Lab, Inca and tiny ginger cat, Mango, it is never a dull moment.


I’ve been incredibly lucky to have travelled to many stunning places around the world – every continent except for South America (something I hope to rectify in the future). My photography assignments have included adventure racing in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains and documenting a 4×4 adventure through the deep jungles of Borneo.


Before becoming a full time professional photographer in 2005 I worked in television. The pinnacle of my career was winning a BAFTA for my work on the children’s factual documentary series, Michaela’s Wild Challenge. My fondest memory of this time was trekking through deep rainforest in Kalimantan to document a troop of orang-utans never before captured on film. I was also a stunt double for Michaela Strachan in a hair raising micro-light flight, tracking the migratory route of whale sharks along the KwaZulu-Natal coast in South Africa.


Since 2005 I’ve been very lucky to have had more amazing assignments, included photographing Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Party in Hyde Park, and my favourite assignment in 2015, when I photographed a private event in Rajasthan, India. I instantly fell in love with the country and its people and just can’t wait to return.


My passion is for telling stories and this is why I love photographing people. I simply love capturing the times families and friends spend together, whether it be playing at the beach, walking in the park or relaxing at home. Our lives are so full and move at such incredible speed that I treasure those moments when we can stop and appreciate each other and the world we live in.



In 2016 my father, Derek Farquharson Mackenzie, passed away at the age of 87. He had led an amazing and full life, and I thought I knew him really well. After his death I started to work my way through the boxes and boxes of family photographs kept as always in the attic. There were many that I knew and remembered but there we also many that I had never seen, taken when he was growing up and also as a young man. For most of my life my dad would be behind the camera. He was a very keen amateur photographer like his mother before him, and always had the latest SLR camera or cine-camera to play with. I guess that’s where my passion for photography comes from. Of course my brother and I were always the subjects of his photographs or home movies. It was only when I started to look though the earlier photographs that I discovered so much more about this formidable man who was so much a part of my life until he passed; his mischievous boyish grin I recognised straight away, something that he never lost; I discovered how much time he spent playing with his three sisters whilst growing up in their family home in the Highlands; that he rode a motorbike (how did I not know he rode a motorbike?); his sporting achievements, running, sprinting, rugby, sailing, skiing, all sports in which he excelled; he has always loved aeroplanes but I discovered how his passion was sparked at such an early age; I also discovered just how much of a pioneer he was with the Adventure Scouts in Scotland and how he helped so many underprivileged boys through his work.


So from my own experience I know that photographs are so important! Not just for now but to pass onto future generations. To understand and remember where we came from.

My Dad

Derek Farquharson Mackenzie – 1928-2016